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30 July 2012 @ 10:09
Basic 'Virtual Setup' Screenshot Of Kubuntu 12.04 In VMware Player  

I have been tinkering around with different systems (read UIs) since I finally became thoroughly disgusted with Unity in Ubuntu 12.04. While Unity may be perfect for others it does not provide a pleasant 'visual or user' experience for me...

I finally got around to trying out the latest Kubuntu release and so far am rather well pleased with it. ^_^ Although I have not done a lot of customisation to this virtual system, it has let me get a good feel for how it runs. *Thumbs Up!* ^_^

It is kind of funny in a sense...poetic perhaps. Some of my earliest experiences with Linux were with using systems that had a KDE UI and it appears that I am slowly coming full-circle so to speak. ^_^

Kubuntu 12.04 LTS

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