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Mirror's Edge

A little off the usual topic here, but still something that I wanted to post about. ^_^ Here is one of the new games that I want. ^_^ I found an online flash 2D version that you can try as well. ^_^ At the moment it is a single level beta.

Mirror’s Edge 2D Online Flash Game

Here is a pic of the cover along with screenshots of my two favourite Mirror's Edge wallpapers that I have now...

Checked over and updated May 18, 2020.

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I got Mirror's Edge on the 360 last week and played it like crazy. lol The 2D game was actually super buggy for me for some reason, thinking now that it was KeyScrambler skewing the inputs on the kb or something. Anyway, back to the point. lol I really can't say a bad thing about the game, other than wishing it was longer. :( I've read articles of people actually getting motion sick from playing the game, and during those times you just slightly miss a jump from a 897192837 story high building you completely get that. lol Hope you get to play it soon. D;
Congratulations on getting the game! XDD ^__^

I have heard other people say they also wished it were longer too.

Just looking at it I had an idea it might cause some motion sickness. Would not be the first game that I have encountered that could do that but will not stop me from playing it. ^__^

"a 897192837 story high building"

Ha ha ha! XD ^__^ A short building to say the least. ^__^

Thanks! I hope that I get to play it soon too! ^__^