Updated Windows 8 Pro RTM Start Screen Screenshot

I can easily imagine that everyone else has had the same "battle" with the Windows 8 Start Screen that I have once they started adding apps and customising it. Needless to say you really have to stay on top of it or it will quickly get out of control...unless you love LOTS of scrolling on your desktop or laptop! :P

At any rate here is an updated screenshot of mine after a bit of "trimming work". I have little doubt that there will be more changes though as I continue to refine the line-up. ^_^
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Windows 8 Pro RTM Screenshots

I just finished setting up my new Windows 8 Pro RTM installation and have three screenshots to share. ^_^ It is still 'early days' yet for this new system, but I like it so far. ^_^ There is no doubt that it takes a bit of tinkering and such to get the Start Screen settled down, but it is doable...

As would be expected by those who know me rather well, all three screenshots definitely lend themselves to lots of anime goodness... ~_^
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Basic 'Virtual Setup' Screenshot Of Kubuntu 12.04 In VMware Player

I have been tinkering around with different systems (read UIs) since I finally became thoroughly disgusted with Unity in Ubuntu 12.04. While Unity may be perfect for others it does not provide a pleasant 'visual or user' experience for me...

I finally got around to trying out the latest Kubuntu release and so far am rather well pleased with it. ^_^ Although I have not done a lot of customisation to this virtual system, it has let me get a good feel for how it runs. *Thumbs Up!* ^_^

It is kind of funny in a sense...poetic perhaps. Some of my earliest experiences with Linux were with using systems that had a KDE UI and it appears that I am slowly coming full-circle so to speak. ^_^
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Basic Screenshots Of Three Of The Operating Systems On My Laptop ^_^

I have had a lot of fun working up a multi-boot setup on my new laptop and have some basic screenshots of three of the systems installed on it to share. ^_^ The fourth system is more of a testing thing, so I did not bother with screenshots for it at the moment...

Keep in mind that these screenshots are basic...one showing the main desktop and one showing the menu or dashboard for each system against the main desktop.
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Firefox Nightly Build 6.0 Alpha 1 On Ubuntu ^_^

Thought this screenshot was well worth posting after my system update earlier. ^_^ Mozilla is definitely moving ahead with their new release setup. Awesome, huh? ^_^

For those who are curious about how I got the version shown above I have the Mozilla Daily Build PPA set up on my Ubuntu 10.10 system. You can see my write-up on adding the PPA at the How-To Geek website:

  ♥  Install the New Menu Button UI Version of Firefox in Ubuntu

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Firefox 4.0 Final Now Available For Download ^_^

This is indeed a happy day for Mozilla and Firefox lovers everywhere. ^_^ The final version of 4.0 is ready for downloading and fun on everyone's desktops. ^_^

  ♥  Download Firefox 4.0 in your Language *Available in over 70 languages.

If you have not downloaded your copies yet, then hurry over to the downloads page to get started. And if you have make sure to share the good news with family and friends! ^_^

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July & Nanaca Crash

It has been rather quiet around here as of late as a result of real-life stuff. Thought I would let all of you know that the remainder of July will also be quiet while I get caught up on other things.

I do have something fun to share with you quickly though...a really fun flash game called Nanaca Crash. ^_^ Here is an image of my top score so far and you can see my review of it (and what it looks like during game play) over at the HTG website. ^_^


Here are the links for Nanaca Crash and my review. ^_^

  ♥  Play Nanaca Crash

  ♥  Friday Fun: Nanaca Crash

Do not be surprised if you find yourself getting slightly addicted to the game though! ~_^

Zoho Extensions & Plugin Collection

As a wrap up for all of the Zoho goodness that I have written about lately here is a collection of my favourite browser and Microsoft Office plugins. Whether you only add one or all of them to your system I think that they will be very useful for you. ^_^
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A Tour Of Iron Browser

All of you have seen me post quick updates in the past whenever a new version of Iron Browser became available. Now I get to do something that I have wanted to do for a while…give you a quick tour of Iron using the latest beta version (5.0.380). ^_^
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