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19 November 2008 @ 16:12
Spicebird E-mail Client  

For those who are familiar with and love Thunderbird, there is a similar program that just might have some surprising built-in features that you have been looking and waiting for. That program is Spicebird, an e-mail client based on Mozilla code...

Spicebird is a program that I started using this past summer and fell in love with. Once the 0.7 Beta releases became available, this program really started to blossom. I had been using Thunderbird and the similarities in the basic functions of the two programs made it extremely easy to switch over.

Once I started using Spicebird, I found the interface and layout preferable to that of Thunderbird. The built-in features were also more suited to what I have been wanting in an e-mail client. Since then, I have not looked back.

Though Spicebird is still in beta, I would encourage people to try it and see just what this program has to offer. It shows great potential and I am looking forward to seeing what future releases will bring. ^__^

Note: Works with Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Linux.

I am currently running the newest 0.7 Beta nightly build for Windows and have found it to be very stable. (Installed on Vista SP1)


  ♦  Customizable Homepage

The homepage allows you to customize it to suit your needs by adding Calendar, Agenda, Date & Time, iGoogle, Mail Folder View, and RSS Feed applets. You can arrange them in a style/layout that suits your needs along with the ability to have multiple versions of each applet.

  ♦  Convenient Multi-tab Interface

Spicebird has a wonderful tabbed interface that allows you to easily switch between the Home , Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks pages just like you would in your favourite browser.

  ♦  E-mail

Spicebird works very nicely with Yahoo accounts but does require YPOPs! (or a similar POP3/SMTP Access client) in order to access your e-mail. It also works with G-mail...I used the 0.4 Beta with the G-mail account that I had earlier this year before closing that account.

  ♦  Built-in Calendar

The one thing that I really like about Spicebird's Calendar is the ability to have colour-coded calendars (i.e. Home, Personal, Work) whose entries are all displayed together on the same calendar page. No having to switch views in order to see all of your events. Spicebird imports and exports .html, .htm, .ics, and .csv calendar formats.

  ♦  Built-in Tasks Manager

Displays a list of current tasks along with a window to show any notes associated with the selected task.

  ♦  RSS Feed

To view articles from the RSS Feed(s), you will need to double-click on them to open them in the browser of your choice (i.e. Firefox, Opera, etc...).

  ♦  Instant Messaging

According to the blog entry for September 16, 2008, Spicebird has support for one-to-one chat using the Yahoo, OSCAR, AIM, Jabber, ICQ and MSN protocols. Note: I have not tried this feature yet.

  ♦  iGoogle Applets (exclusive to the 0.7 releases)

Choose the iGoogle Applet that you want to add by dragging its image from the iGoogle "Add Stuff" page into the Google Applet in the Spicebird homepage. According to the Spicebird homepage, most of the current iGoogle applets work with Spicebird.

  ♦  Addons

At the moment, there are only a handful of addons that are compatible with Spicebird. Look for more addons to become available in the coming months as more are adapted for use in Spicebird.

Weblinks For Spicebird

  ♦ Spicebird Homepage

  ♦ Spicebird Support Page

  ♦ Download Page (Current 0.4 Beta Release) Note: According to the latest blog entry, the official 0.7 Beta is due to be released on Thursday, November 20.

UPDATE: It appears that the official 0.7 release has been delayed...not certain how long the delay will be though...

  ♦ Newest Windows Version Download Page (0.7 Nightly Release) Newest file listed for November 14 (last modified on November 13...)

  ♦ Newest Linux i686 Version Download Page (0.7 Nightly Release) Newest file listed for November 20 (last modified on November 19...)

  ♦ Newest Linux x86_64 Version Download Page (0.7 Nightly Release) Newest file listed for November 20 (last modified on November 19...)

  ♦ Spicebird Addons Page At Mozilla

  ♦ Spicebird Blog

Other Weblinks

  ♦ YPOPs! For Windows (Current Stable Version Is

  ♦ YPOPs! For Linux (Current Stable Version Is

Spicebird Screenshots

Homepage Tab With Customized Applet Layout

E-mail Tab

Spicebird Compose E-mail Window

Contacts Tab

Calendar Tab With Both Of My Calendars Displayed As One

Tasks Tab

RSS Article Summary Display

Window To Choose The Browser To Display RSS Article

Browser With Chosen Article

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